kde still forgetfull if run 24/7

Gene Heskett gene.heskett at verizon.net
Sat Oct 2 22:49:57 BST 2004


I sit here and read about all the troubles others have with kde this 
and kde that, none of which I've experienced with this Konstruct 
built 3.3 install.  Theres something to be said in favor of it IMO.
Generally speaking, it Just Works(tm) :-)

Its been a month, maybe less, but I just had to go around thru all the 
network configuration stuffs, clicking on edit, then ok without 
actually changing anything, which enables the apply button, for all 
my email connections in order to restore connectivity, and it then 
grabbed about 150 waiting messages.  It hadn't received any new 
messages in several hours and I was all caught up.  That gets my 
attention since I'm on quite a few mailing lists.

Its set to do a mail fetch run every 10 minutes, and normally runs 
24/7/365.  So my question is: why do I have to do this, say about 
every 2-3 weeks on average?  And why, when it needs this, does it not 
spit out an error of some kind?  Its mute, it just simply makes the 
run according to the message bar at the bottom of the window and 
doesn't pick up anything.  No connection errors are logged anyplace.  

This has been an outstanding bug in kmail since way back in kde 2 
days, and has been experienced on 2 machines here with 3 motherboards 
over the course of the last 5 years.  Humm, my office machine did 
that too come to think of it, 2 years and more ago.

I love it, but it nibbles on me that way every once in a while.  Can 
it not be fixed?  Or could it be an artifact of swap activity or 
something equally mundain?  I'd think that something that was read 
every 10 minutes wouldn't get swapped out, but I'm just guessing.

Cheers, Gene
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