Can I display Chinese character filenemes in an

Glenn Alexander glenalec at
Sat Oct 2 12:04:58 BST 2004

> > I use KFM in English and my partner in Chinese. When I transfer 
> > from her home directory to mine, I can only see gobbledygook 
> > characters for filenames. Can I make my English-localised KFM 
> > these as Chinese chars without changing to a Chinese language 
> > environment? 
> Just to clarify, you're sharing the same PC with a full set of 
Chinese fonts  
> and locale files installed, just separate users with different 
> locales?  Or are you using separate PC's?  If the latter, try 
installing all  
> the same fonts and locales on your machine, but keep your en locale. 
Same PC, different accounts. Fonts universally accessible -- Chinese 
web pages display fine for me (well, I disabled Java and Javascript, 
so they are not full of spinning bouncing adverts and every Java 
toy-let ever written, but the text bit is fine). 
> Also, what file system are you using?  What are the settings for  
> internationalisation/encoding for it?  And which distribution? 
Filesystem = ReiserFS 
Distro = Debian/testing 
My partner is set up for zh_CN.GB2312 first and US English second in 
Kcontrol. and for zh_CN.GB2312 in her .xsession which mainly just 
launches the fcitx xim. 
I am set up for US English first in Kcontrol and launch from KDM 
default KDE with no .xsession. I tried adding zh_CN.GB2312 as second 
language without results. 
Root is set up the same as me, and also doesn't display the 
I likely need to make myself a .xsession, but haven't a clue how to do 
this for two languages, assuming this is what is needed, even. 
> P.S. Go the 'Gong! 
One day I'll get back there from NE China where I have spent the past 
5 years avoiding unemployment. 9 months from now, to be exact. I've 
been told they are a bit short on tech-savy primary teachers now. 
Glenn Alexander  
(B.Teach, B.Ed Major IT Education, University of Wollongong Australia)  
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