EXIF data no longer in properties (SOLVED)

Alex Nordstrom alexander.nordstromDONT_CC_ME at tpg.com.au
Fri Oct 1 02:19:40 BST 2004

Let's keep this on the list, where it belongs. (I don't normally do so, 
but I'm BCC-ing you in case you are not subscribed. Please advise if 
you would not like me to.)

On Friday, 1 Oct 2004 05:13, Christopher Martin wrote:
> On the 19th of September, you posted to "kde":
> > Until recently, I used to be able to view EXIF data for JPEGs
> > through a tab in the Properties dialogue box using, for example,
> > Konqueror. For some reason, that tab is no longer there. I have
> > verified that the images do have EXIF data using exif on the
> > commandline.
> I recently received a report from another Debian user about this same
> problem. I'm not affected myself, nor can I reproduce it, but am
> trying to track down the source of the issue nevertheless.
> Do you have the kdegraphics-kfile-plugins package installed? It
> *should* provide the functionality you seek (but if it doesn't, then
> why not? That is the question...). If you already have it installed,
> purge and re-install it, just to be sure. If you could let me know if
> this does/doesn't fix things, I'd be grateful.

I did not have that package installed, and installing it does make the 
functionality reappear.

I suppose the question, then, is why the functionality would disappear 
in the first place. I get the impression a lot of KDE programs have had 
functions fleshed out into plugin packages recently, which might some 
very minor issues for those of us who do not have programs installed by 
way of metapackages. For example, I do not have the kdegraphics package 

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help!

Alex Nordstrom
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