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Alexandre Courbot gnurou at
Mon Nov 22 09:22:08 GMT 2004

Hello everybody,

Recently, I've switched from Firefox to Konqueror for my web browsing,
in order to get a better integration with the rest of KDE. I'm very
glad regarding this, however I'm missing one feature: the ability to
share the same bookmarks between my home and work machine. This was
(barely) possible with a Firefox extension, but so far I've seen no
way to do so with KDE bookmarks. It looks weird to me, because with
the kio mechanism one could easily specify a remote location to store
bookmarks, or at least a remote location to synchronize the local
bookmarks with.

Have I missed something in the KDE configuration? Is there a
workaround? If not implemented yet, do you think this would be a
useful feature? I'm using KDE 3.3.1.

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