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Sat Nov 20 18:37:46 GMT 2004

Pupeno wrote:
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> Hello people, I'm looking for a nice font which has the characters for the 
> following languages: English, Spanish and Esperanto. I'm currently using 
> BitStream Vera Sans, but, unfortunatly, it's missing some chars for 
> Esperanto. I wanted to add them (since they are like mixing of glyphs that 
> already exists, like ŝ, which like s with ^) but I couldn't find how to, I 
> asked the contant person for BitStream, but he never replied me. I also tried 
> the FreeFonts, but there's a huge space avobe and below the fonts that waste 
> a lot of screen. I'm willing to test other fonts, can anybody recomend me 
> others ?

Spanish shouldn't be a problem, all you need is iso 8859-1 for that.  I wouldn't 
think that Esperanto would require special characters.

But in any case: ŝ is not in iso 8859-1.  There many odd diacritical marked 
letters in the second page of Unicode (which is numbered '1' since the first 
page is ´0´).  Yes, Bitstream Vera Sans is missing most of these including: ŝ.

There are probably many other free sans serif fonts available, but I have no way 
of knowing which ones will have the characters you need without checking.

There are free URW fonts in both TT and Type1 which should have come with your 

I checked and URW Nimbus Sans L (Type1) does have: ŝ

You can install the MicroSoft TT fonts:

I checked and MicroSoft distributed Arial does have: ŝ

They both have all of the first half of the second page 0100 - 017f of unicode.


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