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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Wed Nov 17 12:13:45 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 17 November 2004 03:13, zika wrote:
> When starting konqueror can I choose what will be shown in the left pane.
> For example root, or Bookmarks. I can set it in the right pane, but in the
> left there is always devices:/.

I think the sidebar can be saved in the view profile, but that might be in the 
upcoming version, not the currently released ones.

> I have creaated folder in the left navigation pane (When you click on
> settings-like icon, then add new ... ). I can't add shortcuts to file, only
> shortcuts to folders in it?

You can add the file to the bookmarks.

> Some bugs / strange things in konqueror:
> After moving .directory to trash and deleting it afterwards, trash
> defaults to folder icon.
> When moving files to trash, konqueror asks if it should overwrite existing
> file which is ... unusual. Maybe some other way of naming files in trash
> should be used.

The trash handling will be replaced (I think in KDE 3.4) by a new 
implementation according to a cross-desktop standard specification.

> When you right click on folder, there is no 'Find' menu entry in the
> context menu.

KDE in general and especially Konqueror got lot of critique for having too 
many options in the context menus, so some got removed.
I don't know if it would be possible to re-add the find action into the menu 
by modifying the XML GUI file of Konqueror.

It should be possible to add a servicemenu entry for inode/directory that 
calls kfind.

> There is no Paste Shortcut in context menu. After file is copied.

Sounds like a bug.
Could you check bugs.kde.org and file one if it isn't already there?


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