konqueror isnt capable to start kget by itself

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Fri Nov 12 11:39:07 GMT 2004

Zé wrote:
> Kget does not startup when called with kde integration enabled.
> i use kde-3.3.1
> So in konqueror if i click in a file to download and kget isnt running, 
> konqueror is not capable to start kget, so is needed to start kget manually 
> and click again in the file in konqueror to start the download.
> In previous versions of kde this didnt happenes, kget konqueror integration 
> worked fine..

This is bug.  And a REGRESSION.

If you check more carefully, you should see that KGet actually starts but 
crashes almost immediately before it opens its main window.

What I do is to have it in my Autostart folder so it is started when KDE starts.

To do that, just drag 'n' drop the menu entry to the Autostart folder and choose 

This works.

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