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J Hall canllaith at
Mon Nov 8 01:18:54 GMT 2004

On Monday 08 November 2004 12:23, Mark Walker wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I'm putting together a new system for our company.  The possible hardware
>> will be a dual 3.2 gig Xeon, with 6 gig of ram.
>> The system needs to support 50 users all connected via thin clients (I
>> think they are going to be Wyse Winterm 5125se's)
>> The OS will be SuSE Enterprise Server 9 which ships with KDE 3.2
>> My first question is will a system with this spec support 50 users and
>> allow them to work efficiently.  Each user will run 1 or 2 legacy database
>> application.  These applications are non X applications and will therefore
>> run in Konsole windows.  In time each user will get access to OpenOffce,
>> but that's for the future.
>> My second question is.  Each user will be configured identical.  Is their
>> a way to configure KDE for 1 user to me likeing, sound, colours, icon
>> position, etc  and then copy this configuration to the other 49 users. 
>> Having to configure KDE 50 times will be a real pain in the rear end.
>> Thanks in advance for your help.

You will have no problems at all supporting 50 clients running terminal 
applications on hardware like that. I have supported almost as many clients 
running graphically intensive X desktops on lesser hardware. 

Yes, you can configure KDE to your liking and then copy the configuration to 
the other users. On most distros KDE personalisations are stored in ~/.kde. 
Once you have the configuration to your liking the simplest way is to copy it 
to /etc/skel, where it will be copied to new users home directories on 
creating their accounts using useradd. I'm not sure how that fits into gui 
tools like YaST, but I'm sure that information is enough to get you 
started :)

J L Hall.
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