download files from cvs reposotory

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Sun Nov 7 08:09:14 GMT 2004

Zé wrote:
> how can i do to download files from a certain folder in the kde cvs 
> reposotory?

	export CVSROOT
	cvs login
	cvs co -rKDE_3_3_BRANCH -l kdelibs
	cvs co -rKDE_3_3_BRANCH kdelibs/kio/kio

This will create a directory 'kdelibs' in your current directory, so first cd to 
where you want this.  It will download first the housekeeping stuff in the root 
of the module 'kdelibs' and then everything in the tree with the root 

But, I would upgrade it all.  Just use the command:
	cvs co -rKDE_3_3_BRANCH kdelibs

to do that.


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