Konqueror missing features

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sat Nov 6 01:22:06 GMT 2004

Zé wrote:
> Em Sábado, 6 de Novembro de 2004 00:40, o James Richard Tyrer escreveu:
>>Zé wrote:
>>>Im using kde-3.3.1 and still in this release happens things that should
>>>be fixed some time ago...
>>>Take this example:
>>>If i want to move a folder named abc to other folder and if there is
>>>already a folder named abc, what appears is a small dialog window asking
>>>to change the name, when it should appear with the option to overwrite
>>>that folder like happens when doing a copy.
>>There is a bug report for this problem:
>>This is listed as RESOLVED because my two test cases now work correctly.
>>But, if you have a test case that exhibits the problem, please post it to
>>that bug report and if I can confirm it, I will reopen it.  Please state
>>the test case in terms of temporary files that you make for the test so
>>that anyone can try it exactly the same.
>>>Other thing is also when moving a file to some location and if already
>>>there is that same file, appears a dialog window asking if it want
>>>overwrite that file, but in this dialog window doesnt show any file
>>>information like appears when doing a copy.
>>>Resumig, in konqueror the command move have missing features comparing
>>>with the command copy.
>>IIUC, some of this stuff in in KDEAddOns, did you install that?
>>If you get less information in the comparison window when you move than
>>when you copy, this appears to be the current behavior.  This would be a
>>feature request, and you can file a WishList bug report on this.
>>>How can this be fixed, so the command move do the same as the command
>>The KDEAddOn will need to be changed.  Sorry that I don't know exactly
>>which plugin it is.
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> Didnt you read the last emails from David Faure <faure at kde.org> ?

No, you cross posted.

> There he explains and sends a patch to aply for job.cpp of the pack kdelibs
> this has nothing to do with kdeaddons

"IIUC" should be read as meaning that I am not sure of the answer.

The previous bug in job.cpp has nothing to do with KDEAddOns,

> And yes i have kdeaadons installed

It is a KDE ADD On the displays the image when you copy or move.

Apparently the slight difference between the dialog boxes for non-image files is 
part of Job.  And this appears to have been changed today while I am running 
yesterday's KDE_3_3_BRANCH.  Didn't finish updating yet today.

However, the first problem that you report (lack of an "Overwrite" button) *is* 
an old bug that was fixed some time ago -- it was fixed before KDE-3.3.0. 
Updating your job.cpp will fix the old bug, but you must have had an older version.

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