kmail and power cuts and crashes

John john_82 at
Wed Nov 3 21:14:07 GMT 2004

Hello all
Allthough my machine is stable from time to time I have to reboot with the on 
off due to a power cut or a crash without shutting down kmail. When I bring 
kmail up again I get a list of mails that I have previously deleted or shift/
deleted in the inbox and also a list of mails I have sent in the outbox. If I 
select any of them the title immediately change to no subject.
Does anyone no of a setting that will prevent this from happening? I'm running 
updated suse 9 with kmail 1.5.4

I suspect it's a kmail "feature" perhaps a developer could comment. It isn't 
that much of a problem but mails I wish to keep are mixed in with the bogus 
ones which can make deleting them again difficult especially if my machine 
has been up for a couple of months. It's often up for a lot longer than that 
and I have lost a couple I wanted to keep. What I can't understand is why 
kmail doesn't clean up as the actions are performed. It only seems to clean 
up on exit.


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