Storing sheet music

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Tue Nov 2 17:31:38 GMT 2004

Pupeno wrote:
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> Hello people,
> I need to store sheet music in a format better than images or pdfs, a format 
> that would result in editable small files, I also want it to be open, 
> standard, etc (I don't want a format only openable with one editor that may 
> be un-mantained next year). I also need a wysiwyg editor. Do you have any 
> ideas of what's the best format ? MIDI ? Lilypond ? What programs ?

There are problems with storing sheet music as MIDI since most editors will load 
it exactly as played.  You will have very small rests and notes.

Lilypond is good as a music typesetter, but I would first look at RoseGarden 
(now a KDE/Qt application) which IIUC supports various open standards.

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