Chad Robinson crj at
Sat Mar 27 20:26:48 GMT 2004

ThorstenK wrote:
> hallo,
> I have a kodak dx 4330! It works perfect with gphoto2, but I canĀ“t use it with 
> konqueror! If I type a "camera:/" I get nothing, no warning - nothing!
> Is there a way to get additional informations about it?

If you don't get an answer to this, here's a hack to hold you over. I have a 
USB Olympus D-510 which isn't supported on the list (only serial versions are) 
by either KDE or gphoto2. But getting it working was still simple. I just 
installed automount and configured it to mount /dev/sda1 to /mnt/camera. 
/dev/sda1 is what the kernel maps this device to when it sees it. Now, from 
Konqueror I have a shortcut to that directory and I even added an item to the 
quick access list in KDE's nice open/save dialog box so I can get to it from 
other applications as well. I can't do direct capture, only copy files 
onto/off of the device, but it does work very well and it only took a few 
minutes to set up.


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