Font Problems in printing PDF files from KDE 3.2

Jim Durham durham at
Thu Mar 25 21:54:46 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 11:18 pm, Michael Nottebrock wrote:
> On Thursday 25 March 2004 05:02, Jim Durham wrote:
> > I have noticed for a while now that when you create a PDF file from KDE's
> > print system, the fonts are not right.
> >
> > I do a lot of on line ordering for my company and I save the web invoices
> > by using the "Print PDF file" function.  In a lot of cases, the Uppercase
> > letters beginning a line of text come out superimposed over the lower
> > case letters forming the rest of the line, making it really hard to read.
> > In other words, the first and second characters of a line of text occupy
> > almost the same space if the first one of them is uppercase.
> I've noticed a similar thing when printing to PDF from kword. A workaround
> I found is (no kidding) to only use odd font-sizes ... I suspect the bug is
> somewhere in ghostscript.

OK... I forgot to mention this but you can get it to work with fixed-width 
fonts like courier 10, but it makes Konq really ugly.

I just tried the odd size fonts and no joy, it still does it.

As another piece of "evidence", I have rigged up a PDF printer from Samba that 
takes Postscript output from a WIndows box and mails the resulting PDF back 
to  the user. This uses Ghostscript and does not  have this problem.


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