Font kerning (character-to -character spacing) when printing problem

Mark Thorp Duxbury marktd at
Thu Mar 25 03:25:33 GMT 2004

On Wednesday 24 March 2004 16:03, Marc Heyvaert wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> I've also had problems with kerning in the past + all
> my fonts printed bolder than they should do.
> It stopped being a problem when I changed
> distributions, although it is still not perfect now. I
> suspect there is (still) a problem with Qt.
> But printing in linux is apparently complicated.

This is, in my experience, unfortunately all too true.  From time-to-time I've 
sort-of figured out how fonts work for printing, but at this point I don't 
really remember anymore.  I had been presuming that qt did most of the work 
these days and produced Postscript with embedded fonts that was then just 
passed off to the printing system (i.e. the printing system didn't really 
have much to do with the fonts) - but this could be entirely wrong - someone 
please correct me if I am.  Is any sort of font cache involved that I could 
try deleting?

> I 
> think that nobody really can comment here unless they
> know what system, what printing system, what fonts etc
> you use. And if all this is correctly installed.

Sure.  I'm running sort-of Redhat 8.0 with CUPS and Microsoft (Monotype) 
TrueType fonts.  Ghostscript 7.07.  I don't use the entire KDE environment (I 
still use AfterStep, but lots of KDE apps).  I generally use Arial and Times 
New Roman, but I've tried several other fonts (Verdana for example) and the 
problem persists. 

> There is a question about font replacement in the FAQ
> There is also
> and

Thanks for the links.  I will follow these up later tonight.

> These links may help you to learn where the problem
> is. Try also different fonts, from different
> founderies. I have installed some truetype fonts that
> came with Corel Draw and they work really well, but
> Arial from Microsoft and some other fonts from MS look
> look rather lousy.

These are also the ones I'm having trouble with.  They are from my old copy of 
Windows 95 so perhapps some newer ones may be worth a try.

Thanks again and if I make any progress I'll be sure to post.

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