kview and many images makes kdeinit choke (cpu 99%)

Guy Zelck gzelck at tiscalinet.be
Sat Mar 20 12:35:11 GMT 2004

> So, I tried opening just one file, and .... it failed! Nothing! I had 
> a look with ps and saw :
> guy       2872  1815  9 12:37 ?        00:00:24 kdeinit: kview 
> -caption KView -icon kview -miniicon kview
> guy       2883  1815  0 12:38 ?        00:00:00 kdeinit: kio_file file 
> /tmp/ksocket-guy/klauncherZhLT7a.slave-socket 
> /tmp/ksocket-guy/kviewJtY8Ya.slave-socket
> The socket file /tmp/ksocket-guy/kviewJtY8Ya.slave-socket seems to be 
> missing. I'll get out of kde, delete the whole socket dir and try 
> again. I'll let you know the outcome. For now I'll post this reply.

It didn't change a thing. There's sth wrong with the creation of that 
missing socket file I mentioned and since it's not there there's no 
image coming through to kview and you see nothing! So, this time, it's a 


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