KDE Developers don't test their own programs...

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at gmx.at
Sat Mar 20 11:05:56 GMT 2004

On Friday 19 March 2004 18:45, Clemens Wacha wrote:
> Hello,
> I just installed KDE 3.2. A lot things got better. I totally like it.
> But most of the problems still remain.
> Am Mit, den 17.03.2004 schrieb Nathan Toone um 16:30:
> > > I.e. KDE Addressbook. Don't even think of trying to use the csv
> > > importer. its totally useless to me because I cannot import my
> > > adresses.
> The Addressbook did change alot. It look great now. It can import more
> than one vcard at a time. But this still doesn't help me because I have
> lots of names with umlauts (iso8859-1 charset). The addressbook doesnt
> respect that. So it remains totally useless for me. Its usable for US
> people.. the rest of the world still has to wait.

Could be a wrong encoding of the csv file.
The KAddressBook maintainer is a German IIRC, so I am pretty confident that it 
can handle umlauts :)

> the addressbook doesn't properly import newlines that are "saved" within
> "". I don't know of any standard about this but it must be a very stupid
> standard if it doesn't allow you to use newlines between "". And don't
> tell me that this is difficult to do in C/C++. I have written such
> routines on my own more than one time. Hey don't get me wrong. I don't
> say that the coder is stupid. He just didn't think of it when he wrote
> the code. This happens very often.

There is a mailinglist for KDE's PIM applications, kde-pim, most KDE PIM 
developers read it.

> > > mime type detection might work for 95% of stupid newbies that never
> > > change anything. I tried to add .sid Tunes and Gameboy roms. But its
> > > not possible because both of them are recognized as octet-streams...
> > > That might be true but they still have different file endings.. well
> > > but konqi doesnt care.. hit is hit :-)
> >
> > [explanation of difference between MIME and file extensions]
> Yes I know all this. I am using computers since almost 15 years now. I
> switched to linux 4 wears ago. Before that, I had MS-DOS, windows and
> now i am also using Mac OSX at home. I am using Solaris at work. If you
> want to detect a file type you can do it the lazy/fast way by looking at
> the extension. You can also do it the save way by looking at the content
> (which takes more time though).
> the Problem I have with kde is not my misunderstanding in filetype
> recognition. It seems like KDE does the following:
>      1. Check file stats (dir/file/pipe/whatever)
>      2. if its a dir: say its a folder and stop
>      3. if its a file:
>       * check mimetypes
>       * if no MIME Hits check extension
>       * if no extension hits say: Unknown file

I think local files are first treated by their extension, the, if they have 
none, by their magic signature.
Remote files depend on the transport protocol: if the protocol has MIME 
information, like HTTP does, it gets preference.

So I think if you created a MIME entry for a new file extension it should work 
for local files.

> [PDF troubles]
> I have never heard of KPDF before. Mainly because there is no debian
> package for it? KGhostview became much better in KDE 3.2. Rendering is

I think it is pretty new and there will be a KPDF package in unstable (mabye 
it already is)

> > > [Bug reports]
> >
> > It's a small price to pay for a free operating system and desktop
> > environment. Besides, if you don't log the bugs, you dont' have a right
> > to complain about them.  It's kind of like voting - if you didn't vote,
> > you don't have a right to complain about the current administration,
> > because you didn't *DO* anything about it.  (Now if you voted for someone
> > else, you have all the right in the world to complain about it.)  If you
> > want to lend credibility to your complaints, you have to do everything
> > you can do as well.
> You are right. First of all I didn't knew of kdes bug reporting tool.

FYI Debian has a package for KBugBuster, a frontend for the bugzilla bug 


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