Building KDE-3.2.1 from Source

Jim Jensen jimwjensen at
Sat Mar 20 02:05:32 GMT 2004


First, thank you very much for the super desktop software!!  I love

Now, for the question:

I'm running RH9 with KDE-3.1 on a 2 CPU Athlon box.  I have all the
latest RH9 updates installed, except I'm still running kernel
2.4.20-28.9smp, because -2.4.20-30.9 seems to cause some strange

I want to upgrade my desktop to KDE-3.2.1.  I've seen your KDE-3.2
prerequisites, and believe I've built and/or installed all of them.

I realize there are Fedora rpms available for 3.2.1.  I've tried these
and they seem to work. However, I'm trying to find an alternative to
Fedora as a path into the future.  So I'm attempting to start from the
vanilla updated RH9 system and go directly from KDE-3.1 to KDE-3.2.1
directly by building from source.

Therefore I've downloaded the KDE-3.2.1 source tarballs, and compiled
them.  Things work well for the most part; however kdepim and kdenetwork
produce compile errors.  I can get kdenetwork to compile by deleting the
'wifi' folder.  I'll persue these problems separately, since they're not
my main issue right now.

The main problem I'm facing is with Control Center (kcontrol).  When I
run it, clicking on Appearance & Themes produces only the selection
"Splash Screen".  Entries for Backgrounds, Colors, Fonts, Icons, etc are
missing.  I believe entries under some of the other main items are
missing as well.

If I remember correctly (I've done many RH9 re-installs followed by
attempts to get clean upgrades to KDE-3.2.1), if I first install the
Fedora KDE-3.2.0 rpms and then build KDE-3.2.1 from source I get the
entries I expect in Control Center.  Again, I'm trying to get KDE-3.2.1
running without resort to any Fedora stuff.

Any ideas on what's missing?  Or how I can correct the symptom?

Jim Jensen

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