Nathan Toone nathan at toonetown.com
Fri Mar 19 20:07:28 GMT 2004

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> Have you tested beta releases? If not, please don't complain.

Yes - I reported the bug back when I was running from CVS HEAD.  The only 
reason why I'm frusterated with it is that one bug was the reason why I went 
off CVS HEAD and went back to stable releases....well, I was on 3.2.0 for 
about 1 week, and then upgraded to 3.2.1 (Thinking that the bug had been 
fixed in that release)  Oh well - I guess I'll wait until 3.2.2....I don't 
really want to go through compiling again...

> > OK - I just needed to get that off my chest.  I want to let all the KDE
> > developers out there know that they are doing a GREAT JOB!  I'm
> > serious...I just get frusterated sometimes, and need to vent.
> You're welcome. :)

Seriously, I didn't mean to make this sound like I was angry at all.  I think 
you guys are the greatest...response to fixing bugs is WAY better than I've 
seen in other projects.

Like I said - I just wanted to vent.  (It's the irony of it all that's 
bothering me right now.)  :)

- -Nathan
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