KDE Developers don't test their own programs...

Nathan Toone nathan at toonetown.com
Fri Mar 19 18:21:02 GMT 2004

I agree with all your points - KDE (and free software - any software, 
actually) is far from perfect.  I only had a couple of comments/questions:

> Yes this is true. Anyway my csv file had a job description field that
> looks like
> "a very
> long job description
> that lasts over more than one line. Thats why it is encapsulated
> in \" \" "

I agree here - it should handle newlines.  I actually think that's part of the 
csv standard...

> > - - not by file extension.  Extensions are WAY too easy to change.
> So what? The computer is my servant. It has to assist me as good as
> possible. Maybe the user WANTs to change the filetype.. so why make it
> more difficult than needed?

I still don't understand why you would want to change a MIME type...a file is 
what it is.  You can open it with different applications - but that still 
doesn't change what it is.  An image is an image no matter what - you can 
open it in different programs (and using the kontrol center, you can 
configure what the default program is), but it's still an image.

> [PDF troubles]
> I have never heard of KPDF before. Mainly because there is no debian
> package for it? 

I think it's part of kdegraphics.

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