KLaptop question (run cmd before suspend/resume)

Tim Carr tdot at fuzzymunchkin.com
Wed Mar 17 21:23:40 GMT 2004

Hello all,

I love KLaptop, and think it works very well. After struggling for a long
time and eventually getting my Toshiba's ACPI working (involved lotsa
things like loading in a custom DSDT table and the like, see here for the
full struggle: http://fuzzymunchkin.dyndns.org/tdot/toshiba.php3 ), I
still have one problem. I have to stop my PCMCIA cards, and unload my
USB-UHCI module before I suspend, and then reload them after I resume.
This is a product of a few kernel bugs that are actively being worked on -
*I am NOT looking for help on this aspect!*. But, what I want, is an
option in KLaptop that allows me to specify a command that gets run before
suspending, and after resuming (automatically). Does this feature exist?
The command would obviously be a user-script, and I could put whatever I
wanted in there...

Please let me know. I have KDE 3.2.1, which should have the latest and
greatest KLaptop (says 1.4 in the config panel). More specs on my machine
itself are at the Toshiba page I wrote, link aforementioned.

All replies cc'd to my email address please, as I am not subscribed to the
list (too much traffic). I know C++, Java, perl, and have dabbled in some
other languages; I have never developed for KDE, but I'd consider starting

Tim Carr

p.s. As a side-note, wondered if any of you gurus knew the answer to
this... My laptop has an "Intel Mobile Pentium 2" at 400mhz. The BIOS
allows me to set the CPU speed low or high, which results in Linux
detecting the CPU as either 200 or 400mhz. From what I gather from using
the machine, it is only possible to set the speed in the bios - Klaptop
reports the two speeds both as 0mhz, and switching between the two doesn't
seem to do anything. I've STFW to exhaustion trying to determine if Mobile
P2s are capable of changing clock-speed while booted, but I can't find out
either way. Anyone know?
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