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Clemens Wacha clemens.wacha at
Sun Mar 14 14:00:37 GMT 2004

Am Son, den 14.03.2004 schrieb Kilian Kluge um 14:40:
> > I want to add a new mimetype for my own special text files. But
> > the problem is that kde always recognizes them as text files. how
> > can I override this?
> At the Control Center ([Alt]+[F2], then type 'kcontrol') you can add 
> own MIME-Types (the special function is found in the 
> KDE-Components-group there). There you can add your own ending of 
> the files, a special icon and the program to open these files!

Strange.. now it works..

Anyway, I want that this also works with folders. 

I have registered a new mime type application/folder-app with pattern

then i make touch test.App
and mkdir tmp.App

cwacha at lapis:~/Desktop$ kfile test.App/
My Application.App/: Folder (inode/directory)
cwacha at lapis:~/Desktop$ kfile tmp.App 
test.App: Application (application/folder-app)

How does kde find out the mime type? There must be some rules somewhere.

What I want is a folder that starts a program when i open the folder in
KDE. This is a workaround for the application folder in Mac OSX.

Thanks for your help
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