About KDE 3.2.1 on Fedora Core 1

Marian POPESCU softexpert at libertysurf.fr
Thu Mar 11 07:39:36 GMT 2004

James Richard Tyrer wrote:

> Marian POPESCU wrote:
> I hate it when that happens and I can't figure out what the problem is.
> Does it only happen when you have PPP running?  That is my theory.
Nope, I don't use PPP. And it locks so well the system that even gkrellm
doesn't how processor time spikes ...

> They are probably just missing.  Although I have icons for some, but NOT
> all, of the ones that you are missing.  There have been recent changes in
> the icons and some of them have gone missing.
> You can look for them on web-CVS:
> http://webcvs.kde.org/cgi-bin/cvsweb.cgi/kdelibs/pics/crystalsvg/
> and download individual icons.
The problem is that even KDevelop lost it's icons; everytime I set a
different icon to an application that doesn't have one, when I change the
icon theme, my new associations will be lost an the applications are again
without icons.

> Could you be a bit more specific on this?  Your menu is TOOOOOOOOO wide,
> is that the problem?

This is a problem, indeed! The menu is too wide and menu item icons are
allways the same height (a little bigger than KDE 3.2), so no matter which
font you use, the menu is too high as well.

Now I changed my font settings so that it recovered the sharp rendering, and
the menu is not that wide, but is as tall as before.
On 3.2 the same menu (I did not add anything since) had 75% - 80% from the
screen height (which has 1024x768 resolution).

The font rendering was a little weird because on 3.2 I disabled completely
the anti-aliasing feature. I never used subpixel hinting!

When I upgraded to 3.2.1, in the ControlCenter it kept the old settings, but
it disregarded them. 
So now I enabled anti-aliasing in ControlCenter and set ExcludeRange from
7pt to 22pt, which get rid of the sub-pixel rendering as well.

Strange ...

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