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Wed Mar 10 16:25:04 GMT 2004

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I know that it is probably not the best place to post this question, but I 
thought someone out there might have a solution (or some pointers) for me.

I am really interested in writing some KDE applications (as well as 
fixing/modifying/customizing current applications).  I am a quite able Java 
programmer (don't kill me, please - it's the only one I learned in 
school...I'm not a "programmer"'s more of a hobby), but I know 
absolutely NOTHING about C/C++.

	First question:  Are most KDE applications written in C or C++?
	Second question: What is the difference? (if there is any)
	Third question:  Would you reccommend using the Java Bindings in kdebindings 
to write applications (this would work for new applications, just not to 
change existing applications)?  Or is this not a reccommended way of 
developing applications?
	Fourth (and probably the most important) question:  Does anyone know of any 
Books/Web Sites/Other Resources that are geared toward people like me?  
(People who know Java but want to learn C++)  I know there are quite a few 
going the other way...and I know there have to be similarities.  For example, 
in java you say new Object(), or whatever, and in C++ you do something wierd 
(from looking at the code) like Object::Instance~($qstring, @this)... :)  C++ 
seems more cryptic than Perl sometimes...and yes, I know that the C code I 
just included made absolutely no sense...and it's probably not anything like 
a constructor - it was an example.

Basically, I'm looking for the C++ equivalents of java's import, constructors, 
method declaration and calls, etc.  Since I think in java, I'd like to use it 
as a jumping off point.

Thanks for any help that you may be able to give me.

- -Nathan
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