Konqueror behaviour with HTTP Authentication

Gavin Hamill gdh at acentral.co.uk
Mon Mar 8 15:54:45 GMT 2004

On Fri, 2004-03-05 at 17:35, Waldo Bastian wrote:

> Do you already send authentication failed responses? Because HTTP allows to 
> preemptively send authentication information based on the path as long as it 
> doesn't know the exact realm. So when you login as group 1 Konqy will 
> continue to send along authentication for group 5 because it hasn't yet 
> heared back from the server that it now wants the realm for group 1 instead. 

OK :) Now I understand, and I have implemented code to check the group
number against the supplied user/pass and everything is running much
more sweetly now.

Many thanks for your time and hints :)


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