Mindmapping in KDE - Kivio?

Stephan Matthiesen stephan at met.ed.ac.uk
Fri Mar 5 10:45:02 GMT 2004


I am looking for a program to produce mindmaps and similar visual notes. In 
the old times, under Windows I used the commercial Conceptdraw Mindmap 

Is there any mind mapping program out there? Or plans to develop something?

I found freemind (http://freemind.sourceforge.net/) which is a Java 
appilcation, but it is *very* basic. 

Here is an idea/question for developers: Would it be possible to add 
mindmapping features to e.g. Kivio? Sorry, my programming skills are very 
limited, so it might be more difficult. But it seems to me that Kivio already 
has most the drawing capabilities for making mind maps, only that it is a lot 
of clicking and dragging (and therefore not practical for quick mindmapping). 

One could use the existing "connectors" (sorry if that's the wrong word) as 
branches for the mind map. For efficient mindmapping, one only needs a 
keyboard shortcut that automatically adds a new branch (connector) to the end 
of the current one and then opens the text entry dialogue. 

It seems to me that these two changes would make Kivio usable as a simple 
mindmapping tool. Apparently the commercial Conceptdraw Mindmap was developed 
the same way, starting from a technical vector drawing application.

Of course one could improve it later with more relevant symbol/shape 
collections etc., make the text on the line follow the line shape etc., and 
add the possibility to hide/show parts of sub-branches. But these are not 
essential at the moment.

What do poeple think? Unfortunately I am far to unskilled in programming to be 
any practical help, sorry.., but I think this would be a very useful addition 
to KDE. 

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