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Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Thu Mar 4 19:48:38 GMT 2004

On Thursday 04 March 2004 19:58, Miles Stevenson wrote:
> Anyone know how use the notify() dcop call for knotify? I'm not sure what
> the function is expecting for the "event" and "fromApp" arguments. Tried a
> few guesses, but didn't get the exepcted results.
> I ask because I'd like to call knotify through dcop using shell scripts. 
> I've seen this question asked before on the list but no responses. Google
> hasn't been much help either.

for examplelike this:
dcop --user kevin knotify default notify "" "" "Message" "sound.wav" "" 3 2

the last number changes the notification level, the number before is the 
notifcation type.
In the example 3 means message box and sound (1 + 2) and 2 means warning.

See the definition in knotifyclient.h (below the declaration of the Instance 

If you know the window ID of a running application, you can even use passive 
popup, like KMail can do for "new mail" messages.

dcop knotify default notify "" "" "test" "" "" 16 1 39845930

16 means passive popup, 39845930 is the decimal window ID
This is highly theoretical as it isn't easy to get the window ID in a script.

I think the fromApp parameter, where I used just an empty string, can be used 
to have this applications Icon in the message.


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