Closing Windows w/ Double Click

Kenneth Jacker khj at
Wed Mar 3 01:09:46 GMT 2004

  tyrerj> Kenneth Jacker wrote:
  >> [RH9 / kde-3.1]
  >> I swear I used to be able to close a window in KDE by double clicking
  >> on the icon in the upper-left corner of a window.

  tyrerj> If you mean the icon that provides a menu if left clicked,
  tyrerj> then IWFM (It Works For Me).

Hmmm ... BNFM (But *Not* For Me!)  The first "click" of the two
"double clicks" pops up the menu, but the second (and subsequent)
"clicks" do nothing.

  tyrerj> Could you have changed a configuration option somewhere?

Maybe, but which one?

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