KDE on two X screens madness

J. Ballé joba123 at jomp.net
Tue Mar 2 20:02:54 GMT 2004

> Do you have other configuration dialogs that crash?

I'm glad to hear that this bug is gone. No, currently I don't know of any 
other dialog that crashes.

What about the other problems (like the language problem or the tabs moving 
around), am I mistaken in something or are these bugs?

Right now, I can't find the time to do much more investigating, so I just 
commented out my nice new screen in XF86Config :-((

I'm really surprised that so far nobody came up with a more or less easy way 
to stop KDE from taking over that second screen ... I just assumed there 
would be some config file to edit or even a command line option to kwin or 
something ...

After all, it could be nice for some people to have GNOME or some other 
environment on one screen, and KDE on the other ... on the FIRST one of 
course :-)


PS: I forgot to mention in my last mail - please CC me because I'm not 
currently subscribed to the list. Thanks.
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