[a bit OT] favorite music players

Simon Bassett sbassett at epix.net
Tue Mar 2 00:42:02 GMT 2004

On Sunday 29 February 2004 7:04 am, David T-G wrote:
> Hi, all --
> I have long been a fan of xmms for its simplicity and similarity to
> WinAmp, on which I was raised, but it has its limitations.
> I pull almost all of my music from my home server via http (I generate
> a listing, format it as the http links, and use that as a playlist).  I
> have about 4k tracks, fairly well-tagged, in my collection; unfortunately
> it appears that not only id3 info but even time remaining info is not
> available via http.  At times I will want to jump to a particular track,
> and that's where xms is weakest -- no matter whether the tracks are
> remote or local, finding it is a stinker.
> I'd appreciate recommendations for a good jukebox manager for use under
> KDE (see, it's not *entirely* off-topic ;-)
> :-D
The best Jukebox, I think, is Juk. Don't know how well it will handle the http 
links though. It just rocks.
Simon P. Bassett
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