KDE on two X screens madness

J. Ballé joba123 at jomp.net
Mon Mar 1 20:42:58 GMT 2004

Hello everybody,

I've been using KDE 3.2 for a few days, and so far it has been a pleasure. I 
love the new transparent kicker :-)

However, recently I bought a graphics card with a TV-out facility. I 
successfully set up XFree to access my TV set as a separate X screen (:0.1) 
while my monitor stayed on :0.0. I'm not using Xinerama since I don't want to 
use my TV for anything except for an occasional "mplayer -display :0.1 ...".

Since I changed my X setup, KDE now opens a completely independent KDE session 
on my TV when I log in. In the process table there are two instances of 
kicker, kwin and kdesktop. This wouldn't be a problem if KDE hadn't started 
behaving strangely. For example, now it always moves around the toolbars in 
Konqueror when I change the window size, which makes me completely mad 
because then, I can only see the first 50 pixels or so of the address tab. I 
always have to move it back manually.

Also, I can't make the second screen appear in my native language (it always 
appears in english) and some configuration dialogs (like the Kicker one) 
always crash when I try to open them on the second screen. (I was trying to 
cut the second screen configuration down to a bare minimum since I'm not 
using it anyway.)

I was wondering how I could tell KDE to just stay on my monitor and not use 
the second X screen for anything. I've tried looking into all kinds of docs, 
man pages, mailing list archives and so on, but it seems this isn't mentioned 

I'd be very thankful for any help. I want my good old KDE back :-|

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