printing to file (PDF) with KPrinter

Marc Heyvaert marc_heyvaert at
Wed Jul 28 20:42:38 BST 2004

Hello James

Thanks for your answer, it is full of info and things
for me to try out... Unfortunately when I was testing
I crashed my system, and the only way out -after a
couple of day of trying to recover- was a complete
reinstall :(

What I did was probably silly, but I was truely amazed
that it was so easy to completely screw up my system.
I disabled all fonts with configuration centre except
Type 1 fonts. Then I tested somewhat. Then I
re-enabled the truetype fonts and I tested some more.
Then I decided to call it a day and switched of my
machine, without re-enabeling the other fonts, some of
which were probably my system fonts. The next day I
had a text only system. The X-server kept crashing.
Complaining about not recognising my AGP bridge!

I tried to recover form this for a couple of days, but
had to give up.


This is where I am now. I use CUPS as a printing
system. The problem of printing quality output to PDF
files is something that I want to solve for ordinary
users (it's part of a hands-on manual for KOffice). So
this means that patching Qt is out of the question.

So this is where I am now :

Using Type 1 fonts is ok => no problem.

Using Truetype fonts these fonts are embedded as
bitmaps. It looks bad, but you can improve on this by
setting the resolution to a higher number. Standard it
is on 300 dpi, so you have a really bad staircase
effect when you magnify in Acrobat. When you set it to
2400 it really looks ok to me even with magnification
to high %. I suppose that for a reasonbable quality
printed output 600 dpi or 1200 dpi could be
sufficient. But I'm still testing this.

Type 3 fonts (I sometimes get these in my pdf, still
have to find out where they come from) and the bitmaps
look not too good in Acrobat 4 and 5. But With acrobat
6 it is a lot better I think. This is just a
conclusion that I draw from looking at the output on
my Windows PC?

I am starting tests now of converting tt fonts to Type
one with tt2pt1. Perhaps you have something to say
about this route?
--- James Richard Tyrer <tyrerj at> wrote:
> Unfortunately, the Qt PostScript driver will not
> embed TrueType fonts as Type42
> so if you embed TrueType fonts with any KDE
> application and make a PDF, the
> TrueType fonts will not be scalable and will look
> BAD.

Let's hope things will be better in Qt4, he?

> > so I added that to the .bashrc file in my home dir
> That should probably work, but it should really be
> in a: "/etc/profile.d/*.sh"
> script (for Linux and anything that supports
> 'profile.d' scripts).

People keep telling me this, but my SuSE install has
big warnings of not editing these files in the
comments of all of them. I set all kind of stuff in
.bashrc, works fine? But perhaps it is bad...

Thanks for all the advice and help!


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