Meaning of "Folder Icons Reflect Contents" swintched?

Benjamin Traut b.traut at
Wed Jul 28 14:07:27 BST 2004

Am Tuesday, 27. July 2004 14:26 schrieb Benjamin Traut
> I use KDE-3.3-beta2 from Gentoo and have found a strage behaviour:
> When I *deselect* "View->Folder Icons Reflect Contents", I get the
> behaviour I would expect when I *select* this option.

OK, i just added it to b.k.o.
It Bug #86169:

I have added it, because some people could reproduce it, some doesn't and 
it is not (at least not in my view) clear, that this problem has been 
resolved in the most recent CVS-Version of KDE.


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