Robin Rosenberg robin.rosenberg.lists at
Tue Jul 27 02:15:03 BST 2004

I've experimented with twinview on nvidia and KDE handles it quite well. 

BUT, or I wouldn't write this, it doesn't detected (or X doesn't, I don't 
know) detect the a screen when I plug it in after starting X. Nor does it 
detect it with VT switching. I have to kill X for that.

So, I force X to think both monitors are always connected and select my LCD 
(screen #2) to get the splashscreen etc.  That way I can plug in an extra 
monitor without restarting anything.

But, since the LCD is screen #2. which it seem I cannot change without loosing 
the high resolution it has, KDM brings up the login window on display
#1 which may be disconnected. Can I force KDM to use screen #2 or change
the position to some visible coordinates?

-- robin
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