Disable Spell Checker

Jeff Bailey jeff at ecommerce.com
Mon Jul 26 12:44:28 BST 2004

Hello, sorry if this has been asked about before, but I did not see anyone 
else with this problem on the list and it is driving me nuts.

Here is my KDE config first.

Fedora Core 2 dist, latest.

KDE Release 3.2.2-6

konqueror --version
Qt: 3.3.2
KDE: 3.2.2-6 Red Hat
Konqueror: 3.2.2-4 Red Hat

What I want to do is disable the spell checker completely.  I believe it is 
the reason that konqueror hangs when viewing pages that have text boxes with 
several lines of text in them.

I have a co-worker that has an 'auto check' enable disable option in konqueror 
but he is using a beta version of kde.  I do not see _anywhere_ an option to 
disable this feature.  

I'm assuming that the ability to disable this is not present in my version of 
KDE.  If this is the case then fine, I'll update the necessary package(s), 
but if not it where the heck is the as-you-type enable/disable section?  How 
can I disable this ? :)  If this is not possible to disable in this version 
which packages are required to be updated?

Thanks in advance,

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