search combobox in konqerors location bar

Christoph Wiesen chris at
Tue Jul 20 19:53:17 BST 2004

mmh, I hope it will be a seperate toolbar in the final so it can be quickly 
disabled even by inexperienced users.
I think removing certain elements from an otherwise fixed toolbar isn't a 
thing new users like to do - disabling a complete toolbar (so they know how 
to quickly enable it again) is probably a lot better though.

I've seen and used konqueror alway more as a file browser than as a web 
browser. So this would only distrub me when I launched "konqueror" from a 
console to manage files. Nothing comes even close to Konqui in file 
management while with web browsing thats arguable. I even set up a 
"list-o-bugs" for users not experienced with about the more 
annoying behaviors in file browsing mode (


Am Dienstag, 20. Juli 2004 20:40 schrieb Norberto Bensa:
>  "Main Toolbar" and delete/add whatever you want :)
>         Click OK.
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