New features for KMail

Marian POPESCU softexpert at
Mon Jul 19 09:05:01 BST 2004


Like everyone else I would like to add my two cents: it would be nice to
have an extra feature concerning filters: either give the possibility to
define some rules inside a filter (something like: filter mails from then if abc at put it in folder ABC, if 123 at put it
into folder 123) or create sub-filters 
(example : 
        filter1[mails from]
                subfilter11[mail from abc at]
                subfilter12[mail from 123 at]
The subfilters can be triggered only when their parent has validated the
content ...

I agree that you can achieve the same result today but this proposition
gives you the opportunity to put some order into your filtering system and
also decreases the total amount of processing ...

What do you think?


- S o f t E x p e r t -

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