separate homes for konqueror-web & konqueror-file

Corey corey_s at
Fri Jul 16 10:18:01 BST 2004

On Friday 16 July 2004 06:45 am, Joerg Stadermann wrote:
> On Thursday 15 July 2004 23:48, Corey wrote:
> > Anyone know if/when Konqueror is going to include the option of
> > specifying different 'home urls' for the webbrowser and
> > filemanager views?
> Profiles. Konqueror->Settings->Save View Profile to save a view as
> profile, Settings->Load  View Profile to load a profile. To start
> konqui with a specific profile use konqueror --profile <profile>
> or kfmclient openProfile <profile>

Thankyou for the response - although I'm aware of how the view profiles
work; what I've been hoping for wasn't the already existing ability to 
configure separate views, but rather the actual functionality of separate 
'homes' for the web browser and file management views.

For instance:   Settings -> Configure Konqueror... -> Behavior -> 'Home URL'

I currently have set to '', and I've saved the 'Web 
Browsing' view profile, so that when I fire up Konqueror web browser, it 
goes straight to my "home page".

The problem that annoys me to a large degree is that when I'm using Konqueror
File Management, the 'home' button is a web page ( )... when I'm
file browsing, it's logical that I would want my 'home' to 
be /home/<username> ...   not!

What I think should be the case would be separate 'home urls' - one under:

Settings -> Configure Konqueror ... -> Behavior -> 'Home URL'  

...and another under: 

Settings -> Configure Konqueror ... -> Web Behavior -> 'Home URL'

In fact, if you read the descriptive heading under Configure Konqueror -> 
Behavior, it clearly states:  'You can configure how Konqueror acts as a file 
manager here.'   ... and then there's the 'Home URL' setting, complete with a 
default of '~' and even a file dialog button to browse your filesystem with 
to set a new "home" with. Then there's the 'Web Behavior', which states
'Configure the browser behavior' ... and it lacks the ability to set a home 

Not only is this extremely counter intuitive, but from a practical 
functionality standpoint - it makes no sense, and is quite frustrating.

I was wondering whether others were similarly frustrated with the current 
behavior, and whether anyone knew whether this was going to be "fixed" or 



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