2 questions -- kate projects and colour corruption

Jason Voegele jason at jvoegele.com
Fri Jul 16 15:48:14 BST 2004

Roy Pluschke said:
> I'm running debian sid on a 2.6 kernel -- kde 3.2.3
> Question 1:
> Is the use of projects in kate documented anywhere? I see a projects tab
> and a  projects menu entry but am not sure how they are used.

I subscribe to the Kate/KWrite mailing lists and I recall some discussion
that the projects feature is due for an overhaul.  I don't know of any
existing documentation, but I'm hoping that when the feature is revisited
that documentation will be written for it.

> Question 2:
> I've noticed some colour corruption ie: when icons are selected on the
> desktop  and some transparency effects.  Other debian users have noted
> this as well.   Do other distributions have this problem or is it a
> debian specific problem

I too experience this problem and was hoping someone would have a
response.  There is a bug report at bugs.kde.org, but it is filed against
the Kolf application:


The problem is not limited to Kolf of course, so I hope it will be
reassigned to somewhere more appropriate.

My system is KDE 3.2.3Debian Sid, Kernel 2.6.7 with the radeon driver. 
This is on a Dell Latitude D600 laptop that has a Radeon 9000 Mobility
video card.

My suspicion is that this behavior is limited to Radeons.  Can you
confirm?  What is your video card?  Do you use the built in kernel driver
or proprietary driver?

Jason Voegele
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