kde user menus

Pierre A. Fortier pfortier at uottawa.ca
Fri Jul 16 13:12:01 BST 2004

Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of that. However, I installed a 
non-KDE program (acroread) which I would like to appear in the KDE menus 
of all users.


------ Kevin Krammer wrote:
On Friday 16 July 2004 04:19, Pierre A. Fortier wrote:
> How do I make a newly installed program available in the kde menus of
> all users? I can use kmenuedit to add a new menu item for this program
> in my personal menu but what about making a menu item for all users?

Check that the application installed its .desktop file into the right 
The freedeskop.org specification says that would be a subdirectory of 
KDE before 3.2 uses KDEPREFIX/share/applnk

It should automatically appear in the menu, at least at KDE restart or 
running kbuildsycoca.

If it was installed by the package manager the distributions menu 
might have failed.


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