Konqueror / Kmail Facilities

Andrew W Fell andrew at fell.giointernet.co.uk
Tue Jul 13 10:02:04 BST 2004

As I could not find any other way of providing this information to KDE
support, I hope that you can use it.
I am trying to move away from Microsoft to LINUX software because with
the controls Microsoft now exercises over products from XP onwards it is
impossible to rely on their software when you do a system hardware
upgrade and other than at extra expense, it is impossible to provide
backup while securing those upgrades.
To this end I have been experimenting with the use of LINUX for my main
internet and administration requirements since the release of SUSE 8.2.
I am now using 9.1 (KDE 3.2.1) although I have incorporated KDE 3.2.3.
During that time I have seen KDE improve enormously. It is now a very
good software suite and almost meets my requirements but I am reluctant
to make the final leap to total commitment to LINUX whilst there are
still one or two shortfalls that make general use more restricted than
with the Microsoft equivalent software.
1. When using Konqueror there are certain websites that it does not
reproduce accurately, in some cases fields are misplaced and others they
are missing. If you look at www.bigpockets.co.uk
<http://www.bigpockets.co.uk/>  you will see that there is a blank field
where the main menu items should be, at www.directfrom.com
<http://www.directfrom.com/>  the shop menu is displaced and at
www.ebuyer.com <http://www.ebuyer.com/>  on the first line fields are
compressed. The first item works correctly with the GNOME browser.
2. It would be useful to have a wizard to setup e-mail accounts in
3. It would be useful to be able to import MS Outlook messages (.pst
files) into K-mail.
4. When setting up a free standing network printer the search does not
find the ID or the IP address it has to be entered manually.
5. It would be useful if a function were provided to set an external
word processor as the main editor in K-mail (selection by list).
6. As far as I can see there is a lack of web search facilities in
7. It would be useful if on start up Konqueror would go to the home
8. A wizard to set up samba client and server facilities together,
possibly linked to file management, would be very useful so that two way
access to MS machines could be established with the minimum of system
You are probably looking at or have corrected these things already so I
might be wasting your time but as a non-technical user they are
important to me.
I do appreciate the scope, quality, time and effort that have been put
into KDE to make it a very sophisticated suite.
Best regards,
Andrew W Fell
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