kde system sounds

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Tue Jul 13 09:34:53 BST 2004

jesso1607 at rogers.com wrote:
> I have Mandrake Linux 10 running KDE 3.2.  I can play CD's through KDE.  So my sound is working.

WRONG!  Audio CDs play directly through hardware, they do not use aRts or the 
sound driver.
> But, I cannot get the system notifications sounds to play.  e.g. starting and exiting KDE.
> Even when I go into the "KDE Control Center"  under "LookNFeel -> System Notifications" the sample sounds won't play.  
> When I do go into the "Sound -> Sound System" and play the "Test Sound", that does play. The "Enable the sound system" is checked off.
> I checked the volumes and are all up.

It would help to know if you can play an OGG or MP3 file.  If you don't have 
one, rip one off of a CD.

There is a possibility if is actually only the system sounds that don't work.

The configuration files:


could be screwed.  Try deleting them.

Otherwise, if you can't plan a sound file, your sound system isn't configured 

Known Bug (probably fixed, but was probably still in 3.2): If you are using 
ALSA, set: "Select audio device:" to ALSA rather than leaving it on: "autodetect".



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