Kde-3.2.2 and kicker

Antti T. Niemi antti.t.niemi at hut.fi
Mon Jul 12 06:50:11 BST 2004

On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Waldo Bastian wrote:


> Add the following to the system-wide kickerrc:
> [menus]
> UseBookmarks=false
> UseBrowser=false

Ok, problem solved - the original problem was that I had not located
system-wide kickerrc and couldn't find any documentation related to
current KDE versions about where it should be (Or everything referred to
$KDEDIRS/config). And as it happened not to
exist at all, I generated one in the proper directory and voila,
problem solved. The fact that the kickerrc doesn't exist at all by default
didn't get through to me.


> The idea is that if something doesn't appear in the menu, it doesn't exist.

Ok, so those things I mentioned are actually attributes :)
> So if you can't start the menu editor then that's most likely because the menu
> editor doesn't appear in the menu.

Hmm.. We did include kmenuedit in the main menu, though the
kmenuedit.desktop file has been customized a bit - so I guess it didn't
like that too much. Anyway, I added a submenu which includes the default
KDE software's and now it seems to be working fine.
> For things that should exist but should not appear in the menu, the menu has a
> hidden section in the form of share/applnk/.hidden

Still, shouldn't share/applnk be obsolete already?

> When you remove <KDELegacyDirs/> it will no longer include this hidden
> section, which is a problem because it contains stuff that should exist.
> I hope this explains things a bit, I agree that there is room for improvement
> here.

Yes, this explained the rest of my unsolved problems, so many thanks to


Antti Niemi
Helsinki University of Technology / Computing Centre
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