Kde-3.2.2 and kicker

Antti T. Niemi antti.t.niemi at hut.fi
Fri Jul 9 11:49:22 BST 2004

Hello, I'm wondering how kicker generates it's user specific kickerrc
files. We are launching KDE desktop in our systems at the HUT and there is
a need to do some system wide configurations. I've made most of those
tasks, but configuring kicker the way I'd like has found to be a little

 I thought there was one system-wide kickerrc file, which gets copied to
users homedirectories once they log in, but I guess it is not handled that
way. By editing files in /usr/share/kicker/ I have made neccessary changes
that I wanted, but getting quickbrowser and bookmarks away from kmenu
apparently is not as straightforward as I thought. Anyone has an idea on
how to do this?

 Secondly there seems to be a bug or so, because by fully customizing the
default menus in /etc/xdg/menus has broken the possibility to start
kmenuedit by right clicking the kmenu in panel and selecting menu editor.
Starting kmenuedit from the konsole works like charm as it's supposed to.
Anyone knows how to fix this?

 Hmm... There is still one more thing that seems confusing. Konquerors
filemanagement profile breaks if the <KDELegacyDirs/> is not present in
applications.menu. Trying to start kfmclient openProfile filemanagement
produces error, which complains that the file konqueror.desktop can't be
located. This seems to be a bug also, because shouldn't the
konqueror.desktop file be located in /usr/share/applications/kde? Copying
the file to /usr/share/applications/kde doesn't correct the problem, so
the crucial file konqueror.desktop is only looked from /usr/share/applnk
directory. The fast fix was to empty the /usr/share/applnk directorytree
excluding konqueror.desktop, this way our menus didn't get messed.

 I haven't filed bugreports yet, because I'm not sure whether these are
attributes or bugs.

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