I cannot install kde 3.2.3

ALTAIR - altairdiv at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 8 21:35:40 BST 2004

Hi people!

I am using KDE 3.2.0, gcc 3.3.1 (and gcc 2.95.3 for the kernel) and Qt 

Good, when I trying to use the configure script of arts, says what I not 
have the qt library installed or is not compiled whith --thread support.

Of course, I am using this library and with --thread support. KDE 3.2.0 
needs it. I tryied the option --with-qt-dir, and is not detected. All is 
compiled from stable source code.

Debian:/usr/local/qt-3.2.3/lib# ls
README               libeditor.a              libqnp.prl    libqt-mt.so.3    
   libqui.so        libtool
config.log           libeditor.prl            libqt-mt.la   libqt-mt.so.3.2  
   libqui.so.1      pkgconfig
libdesignercore.a    libqassistantclient.a    libqt-mt.prl  
libqt-mt.so.3.2.3  libqui.so.1.0    qt-mt.pc
libdesignercore.prl  libqassistantclient.prl  libqt-mt.so   libqui.prl       

Debian:/usr/local/qt-3.2.3/include# ls
jri.h               qdockwindow.h         qkeysequence.h           
qprogbar.h           qstringlist.h
jri_md.h            qdom.h                qlabel.h                 
qprogdlg.h           qstrlist.h
jritypes.h          qdragobject.h         qlayout.h                
qprogressbar.h       qstrvec.h
npapi.h             qdrawutil.h           qlcdnum.h                

( etc, etc)

Ideas? :)

Horóscopo, tarot, numerología... Escucha lo que te dicen los astros. 

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