KMail & Konqueror don't respect colorchanges.

Kenneth Aafl√ły lists at
Fri Jul 2 22:54:24 BST 2004


I changed my global color scheme to something quite radically different from 
what I used to have, and noticed that at least KMail and Konqueror didn't 
change the color scheme, even though I had not specified a custom color 
scheme in either. I solved the Kmail colors by going to to 
~/.kde/share/config/kmailrc and editing out any values which looked like 
color assignments, ie 'w=y,z,x'. After I started Kmail again it was partyally 
correct about it's assumptions, but it didn't exactly mimic my global color 
scheme...what's up, do I need to poke the code?

I have not yet looked at why konqueror still is in my old colors, but I expect 
it to be solved by similar modifications.

Debian Sid, updated a couple of days ago.
KDE/Konqueror 3.2.3
KMail 1.6.2

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