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Gene Heskett gene.heskett at
Fri Jul 2 09:40:52 BST 2004

On Friday 02 July 2004 03:54, Goffioul Michael wrote:
>> I guess I didn't word my question correctly, Michael.  Why
>> doesn't the
>> font size selected for print get used _only_ to print, while the
>> bigger font for display is used _only_ for the display *at the
>> same time*?
>> It seems to me that this should be two seperate functions, not
>> something shared on an instant basis for both, which is what it is
>> in actual fact.
>I think I don't understand what you mean :-( Could you be more
> specific? In kwrite options, you can select a font size for viewing
> and another font size for printing. Those 2 sizes are completely
> separated. I'm sure I miss your point...

It doesn't appear that they are Michael.  Sure, I can set a font size 
for printing and a font size for the display, but if I change to the 
display schema, so I can read it on screen, then thats the schema 
used for printing too.  It should use the printing schema for 
printing regardless of the display schema in use.  After setting the 
printing schema to 8pt Arial, I went back to the normal (24pt Arial) 
one, and thats the one it use for printing.

So I now have a 9/16" stack of paper on the output tray that 
represents about a 10 dollar bill just to print the approximately 12k 
text file that comes with the latest 4k stack compatible nvidia 
drivers, version 6106.  What should have been maybe 12-15 pages, was 
spread out over (I think thats the last number I saw) 78 pages.  And 
there is no aborting a mucked print job thats been handed to cups 
short of rebooting.  I had other things going on, so I just kept 
feeding it paper.  But that pretty well used up the last ream of 
paper, so its a 60 mile round trip to get more, this is a fairly 
rural town of only about 5000.  That makes my paper, if I only buy a 
ream at a time (but I don't, usually 2-4) about 20 dollars a ream 
instead of the 10 per I pay for the good kodak stuff at the Staples 
counter.  And epson keeps jacking up the price of ink too, the last 
pair of blacks I bought for this C82 were nearly 70 bucks.  So half 
that 10 dollar bill is ink, it went from 89% to 51% on that job.

But, being twice bit now, I'll print one page as a test the next time.

But I have to go to town tomorrow anyway, so I'll kill several birds 
with this gasoline.  It seems the body shop that replaced the right 
front spindle a few weeks back after I had a 2500 dollar fender 
bender while up in New York, (my first call the insurance company 
accident since 1968!) was ordered to use used parts by the insurance 
company, and replaced a brand new disk rotor I'd just had put on a 
week before with a badly worn one because its easier to change the 
whole assembly than the individual parts and the car is juddering 
when stepping on the brakes because that spindles disk is shot.  I'm 
gonna get it fixed again, and take the bill to State Farm since it 
was their idea to use junk yard parts and save 50 bucks.  Jerks!

I need to get more dvd+-rw disks too, 25 isn't enough to setup an 
amanda 'tapecycle' on this system.  I think I need a rolodex for 
dvd's :-)

Cheers Michael, Gene
There are 4 boxes to be used in defense of liberty. 
Soap, ballot, jury, and ammo.
Please use in that order, starting now.  -Ed Howdershelt, Author
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