dcop questions

Nicolas ripley at 8d.com
Thu Jul 1 15:46:49 BST 2004

I made a little step forward, but it's not realy good...

I used to use dcopstart to start the konsole and set it like this :

konsole1=`dcopstart konsole-script`
dcop $konsole1 konsole-mainwindow\#1 setGeometry 3 26 1393 280
session1=`dcop $konsole1 konsole currentSession`
dcop $konsole1 $session1 renameSession "Header GW 1"
dcop $konsole1 $session1 sendSession "cd /usr/local/src/gw/src"
session1=`dcop $konsole1 konsole newSession`
dcop $konsole1 $session1 renameSession "Header GW 2"
dcop $konsole1 $session1 sendSession "cd /usr/local/src/gw/src"

To remove the decoration, I tried kstart and it works :
kstart -type Override konsole --script --profile log

Now the problems :
With dcopstart, I can't set parameters to the application

With kstart I don't know how to get the dcop hook within script to set 
geometry, sessions, etc.

I googled for the past 2 hours without success.  So if any of you know how I 
can start multiple konsole with different profiles without decorations, just 
let me know.

	Nic Cola

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