Build fails for KDE_3_2_BRANCH with Konstruct !!

Izo I at
Fri Jan 30 07:39:37 GMT 2004

Izo wrote:

> I am posting this again, and please, I could really use some help with 
> this problem. I have put some thoughts on it and what I understand is:
> - qt is properly built and installed
> - genembed is properly linked against the libs in right directories.
> What consfuses me is that the ldd lt-genembed does not show 
> dependencies properly (see the ldd line some 30 lines below). That 
> could mean that the binary has not been linked with proper  -rpath's 
> which is not the case (see the g++ line below)
> I just can not go further on and would appreciate any help that can 
> move my kde-3.2.0rc1 "project".
> Izo

Still no success. I have checked out the latest KDE_3_2_BRANCH and make 
-f admin/Makefile.common cvs-clean and make -f Makefile.cvs to clean and 
recreate the configure. The effect is just the same.

Could maybe mr. Binner, Konstruct, help me with this ?


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