How to keep k3b from compiling in kdeextragear-1

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Thu Jan 29 17:11:20 GMT 2004

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Am Donnerstag, 29. Januar 2004 11:35 schrieb Steven P. Ulrick:
> Hello, Everyone :)
Hello !

> I have two questions relating to the same topic:
> 1. Does k3b still change /etc/fstab and /dev to the point where XCdroast
> doesn't work properly (that maybe just the non-root mode.  I can't
> remember.)?  I believe that k3b used to make CD drives be under a
> different group than Xcdroast made them to be.
> 2. If the answer to the above question is that k3b and XCdroast still
> don't play well together, how can I keep k3b from compiling when I
> compile kdeextragear-1 from the CVS?
> I tried adding the following to ./configure: "--without-k3b"  The ouput
> from make still said that k3b was going to be compiled.  I am not
> willing to take the risk that "make" is lying to me, so I would prefer
> to find out from an expert before I risk installing k3b.
> I have nothing against k3b whatsoever, but since I prefer XCdroast, I
> would prefer to not install k3b, if installing it means that my
> /etc/fstab will be messed up.
> Thanks in advance for your help :)
> Steven P. Ulrick

In your directory kdeextragear-1 should be a file called subdirs.
In this file remove k3b then do a make -f Makefile.cvs

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